4 Ways To Improve Your Dating Success


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Many men often ask themselves “why am I alone, with no girlfriend or wife, while that fat bozo at my work has a beautiful fiance.” Indeed, many a man wonders if he was just born to fail, or born to die alone, which is a pretty depressing thought. While it is no secrets that some men possess an abundance of natural characteristic that are attractive to women in relation to your typical man on the street, I propose that most guys have a great deal of untapped potential that with the right direction they can channel towards success with the fairer sex. So, in today’s post we will be looking at 4 ways that a man can improve his success on the dating scene.

#1 Educate Yourself About Women

It’s funny how whist women spend much of their time reading about men and dating in magazines like Cosmo, few men put in much time to learning about female psychology and what makes women tick. Especially when these days there are so many great sources of information at our disposal from YouTube videos to the many books and training courses available from dating coaches and pick up artists. If you don’t know where to start sites like PUABooks.net have reviews of all the most popular trainings.

#2 Take Pride In Your Appearance

Again, while most women clearly spend a great deal of time primping and preening so that they can look good to men, few men put more than the bare minimum of effort to look good for the ladies. Truly it is shocking to go out on a Friday night and to see the throngs of men out there dressed like 17 year old boys! Perhaps these guys have never heard of H&M? So clearly the bar is set very low here indeed, which means that by simply putting in just a little effort you can stand out from the disheveled masses.

#3 Use Your Social Circle To Meet Women

After college ┬álot of guys stop making new friends. Sure they might be chums with the guys at work and go out with them for a pint on occasion, but for the most part guys get pretty lazy about maintaining active social lives as they get older. This is a problem on many levels, but one of the worst things about not having a social life is the fact that it means that you probably aren’t being introduced to new available women as often as you could be. The remedy is to be more outgoing and to proactively grow your social circle every chance you can. Accept all social invitations and become a “connector” who introduces friends to other friends. You will find that by working on your social circle you will quickly begin to meet many more eligible women that you can date.

#4 Boost Your Testosterone

This one is pretty straight forward. Women are naturally attracted to manly men with masculine characteristics and healthy testosterone levels. Men with high T are more confident, successful and outgoing which makes them an easy choice for any woman. Of course a woman will never actually give you a blood test to find out how high your testosterone level is, but she will be able to tell because of the way that you act and she will subconsciously feel much more attracted to you the higher your T levels. Now I’m not saying you should run out and buy a bunch of T boosting supplements or anything like that. However, I do feel it is an excellent idea to educate yourself on natural ways to boost your testosterone like eating more organic fruits, vegetables, and naturally raised meats. An improved diet along with the proper work out regime and plenty of sleep are sure to have you feeling like twice the man you are today and as a result greatly improving your dating success!


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