Amy North’s ‘Text Chemistry’ Texting Guide Review


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young latinx couple Let’s face it ladies, texting with a guy whom you’re dating, or whom you would like to date can be a real pain in the butt! One minute things are going great, and the next minute he is taking longer and longer to respond to your texts, and if feels like he’s slipping away, what gives?!

The truth is men’s brains work kinda different, if you have an already figured that one out for yourself. So texting a guy in a way that he’s gonna respond well to, can be tricky. As I’m sure you already know it’s very different than texting one of your girlfriends! 

Here’s the good news, a woman named Amy North recently produced a program called Text Chemistry, that takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through everything you want to be doing to text your guy the right way so that he feels insane levels of chemistry with you and basically begs you to be his girlfriend.

Find out more of what text chemistry is all about in the following review.

What is Text Chemistry All About?

Text Chemistry as is designed to help you get a man’s attention, and keep it, and let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome. 

While there may not be any such thing as a one-size-fits-all method for getting men’s attention, I really think this is the closest thing to it. It’s actually kind of shocking that Amy was able to figure all of this out, But if you go to her website, you can read a bit of the backstory so you can understand what led up to the production of the system, it’s pretty interesting.

Anyhow, Kate Spring’s texting program explains all about what chemistry really is and how you can create chemistry with a man using simple SMS messages. Once you’ve gone through all of the material it’s just a matter of actually implementing it and believing in the process. Bear in mind that you do need to practice the techniques regularly as they are likely to become much more effective the more experience that you have implementing them. They should work perfectly fine the first time though. 

What Do Get Inside The Text Chemistry System?

Text Chemistry includes an e-book, an audiobook, and a 13 module video series. The main e-book has all the necessary information, and the video series is an excellent way to learn more. The course focuses on the most important points of text messages between men and women, and gives you clear instructions on exactly what to do in almost every conceivable situation that you may find yourself in with a guy that you are texting. 

The program also provides a cheat sheet that helps you to decode a man’s messages. This is handy because you can use it anytime that you get a message from a guy, and are unclear on exactly what he is trying to say or how you should interpret it. You’ll also receive 3 free bonuses including a bonus e-book that contains nine texts based on the principles discussed in the book. 


As a woman, you can learn to send texts that are almost magical in the effect that they have on men. It is just a matter of understanding a bit about Male psychology and the ins and outs of creating chemistry over text.

Personally I think that Amy North’s system is Super helpful and could be a great resource for any woman looking to improve her texting skills and her love life.

If you’d like to learn more, you can buy text chemistry through the link below. That link Will get you the best Price currently available directly from Amy North, and you also get a full 60 day moneyback guarantee just in case you are dissatisfied in any way, so it’s totally risk-free!

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Bonus Tips For Texting A Guy

Still here? Just in case I wanted to share a few of the most effective ways I’ve found to get a guy excited about you over text, just so that you know that I actually know what I’m talking about.

One of the best ways to create chemistry with a man over text messaging is simplyto be flirty and playful. I know, it sounds simple and obvious but a lot of women failed to do this and they end up coming across as cold or boring which are two things that you definitely want to avoid. So send him cute little messages that make him laugh, and let him know that you’re interested in him. If he responds positively, just keep the banter going! Flirt with him and make him feel like the most special guy in the world. 

Another great way to create chemistry is to be yourself. Be genuine, honest, and authentic with him, and he’ll be more likely to respond positively. Be sure to keep the conversation flowing by asking him questions and sharing your own thoughts and feelings as well. 

And finally, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side. It’s okay to be a little bit vulnerable with someone you’re interested in, and it can actually help create a deeper connection. So go ahead and bare your soul a little bit – he just might appreciate it.

OK, That’s it. Again you can check out text chemistry right here, And get started on your path to marrying your dream man today.

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