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Why Taking Up Martial Arts Is A Good Idea (For Your Love Life)

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You’ve seen the movies. You know the moves. Your lady love gets cornered by evil-looking thugs, and she’s got no way out. She prepares to fight back, using the few items she’s got on her. Just as the thugs start to attack, you leap into action, taking out the thugs one by one until they’re all flat on their backs, unable to move.

You know what will happen next. Your lady love is so overwhelmed with gratitude, and you both walk off hand in hand together.

Maybe it’s these happy movie endings that inspire men to travel to their local dojo and train themselves to kick butt, in the most manly and dignified style they can muster. Learning martial arts remains a popular hobby for men and with good reason. Nothing boasts of manliness and testosterone more than knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones using just your quick thinking skills and some well executed roundhouse kicks.

With many kinds of martial arts out there, you have many options to choose from. Most are Asian-inspired, so that places a huge amount of focus on the mental aspect of practicing martial arts as well. Asian-inspired arts place a premium on being mentally present and focusing on the task at hand. It’s not just about letting yourself out at your opponent in full force; it’s all about doing the movements with control, with precision, for maximum impact.

Judo is a popular option because it’s a great all-around skill to learn. It doesn’t require you to be extremely strong to take someone down. In fact, you even have the advantage if you’re fighting against a weightier opponent. Using some well executed moves, you use your opponent’s weight and momentum to have him flat on his back. A well executed judo throw is all about outbalancing your opponent, and using that to throw him on the ground. After that, it’s time to keep him on the ground — grappling techniques come into play him, locking your opponent in your grip.

If you prefer more active spurts of energy, consider taekwondo. It’s mostly about the kicks, but you get to learn to use a combination of punches too. A well done roundhouse kick is often enough to send your opponent packing home.

Whatever you choose, remember the old adage: with great power comes great responsibility. Use it for self defense and to train your body — and maybe impress a girl along the way. Of course, just being an all around badass is always the most attractive thing you can do to get women into you.¬†As a man, it’s a good idea to learn all of these skill, how to talk, how to flirt and how to kick as in a fight if the situation requires it!