Why Self-Examination Is Important For Attracting Quality Women


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There are a lot of guys out there who seem to have a lot going for them, but for whatever reason they still struggle with finding dates on a regular basis, let alone finding a partner for a long term relationship. For these men this matter of “how to attract women” is a question that continues to go unanswered. Yet, the truth is that the answer to this is not that hard to find, it’s just a matter of looking in the right place. It’s my assertion that the best place to look is inwards using thoughtful and careful self-examination.

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But what exactly IS self-examination?

What it means is looking at yourself, and trying to understand how you are perceived by members of the opposite sex. Really think about how they see you and what personal characteristics of yours may be turning women off.

For starters, personal hygiene is something that some people tend to take for granted. Women though take this seriously, and often find men who look and smell clean quite attractive. Given this, you should be sure to make it a point to take a bath daily and also use deodorants and a light spray of cologne or aftershave so that you smell sexy. You also need to be sure that you scrub your face well to remove oils that can cause you to get pimples or have a shiny, greasy complexion. Of course this takes a bit of time but its really not hard to do especially when you consider the pay off that you can get for keeping up on this stuff. Do yourself a favor and remember to always put a high value on your physical appearance. This isn’t a “conceited” thing at all, it’s merely a way to communicate to women that you value yourself and understand how attraction works for women.

Wearing clean and flattering clothes goes hand-in-hand with personal hygiene. Some men may want to splurge and invest in brand name attire, and this is perfectly fine as long as their budget can afford it, but even if you are short on funds it is still important that you get your hands on some decent threads. If you are really down and out you can even try to put together an outfit made from clothes that you find at a low priced thrift store. Luckily for you most women really don’t have an issue with this; the more important thing is that the clothes being worn are clean, well fitted, and presentable.

What else? Well, keeping fit is one other thing that men should consider when it comes to attracting women. After all, no woman wants to date a man who is a fat slob, or who is so weak and frail that he is incapable of defending her! This is why regular exercise is a must. Working out is, simply put, the most effective means of achieving a fit and attractive body. However, this does not necessarily mean enrolling in an intensive body-building program and trying to pump your muscles up to extreme levels. While some women do prefer beefy, muscle-bound men, the majority in fact prefer men who simply aren’t fat and who are conscious about their health.

In addition to the three things I mentioned (hygiene, clothes and fitness) it is also important to really examine how you behave around women and how you relate to them when you are on a date. It doesn’t matter how nice you look if you have an unattractive personality that scares women off. This is why it is so important to do some soul-searching and learn to look at yourself and your behavior objectively. Hopefully this will lead you to make some necessary improvements so that you can start attracting the sorts of quality women you’d like to have in your life!

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